Schumacher Farm Park

Where Dane County's Rural Heritage Comes Alive.

Snow Day - Afternoon at the Farm

Sunday, January 24th (1 - 3 pm)

We invite you to join us at the top of the hill for a snowy afternoon on the farm.  Although we don't have much snow right now, there will still be plenty to explore. This year's highlight will be a winter riddle to solve in the form of a scavenger hunt with puzzles.  

Other activities will depend on the weather and snow cover, but possibilities include animal tracking, snow volcanos and frozen bubbles.

Free and family friendly. Although this is an outdoor event, we ask that participants maintain 6 feet of social distancing and wear appropriate face coverings during the event. Park staff will space activity areas accordingly.

Uncomfortably cold temperatures or wind chill will result in cancellation of the event.

Reservations not required. Donations appreciated.