Schumacher Farm Park

Where Dane County's Rural Heritage Comes Alive.


Schumacher Prairie in bloom; black-eyed Susan and pale purple coneflower.

The Schumacher Prairie was restored in the 1980s with the foresight of Marcella Pendall Schumacher, the knowledge and assistance of Wayne Pauley, Dane County Parks Naturalist, and many determined volunteers. The efforts continue today to maintain the native prairie ecosystem and expand the oak savanna woodland, employing manual hand tools, chainsaws, and a prescribed fire regime to reduce woody shrub encroachment and promote native plant germination.

Educational outings are also part of the restoration process, including prairie walks, seed collecting sessions and wildlife monitoring programs.

To schedule a prairie tour or request more information on restoration activities, contact the main farm park office at (608) 849-4559 or email us: 

Member comment: "We enjoy our walks in the prairie and appreciate all the work you do to preserve nature and the farm." -Cathy & John Attig

Photos: Mike Shucha cutting brush, a group of volunteers helping to haul brush out of the prairie, and Jerry Goth collecting prairie seeds. (Photographer unknown)